Football, Travelling and Companionship: The Journeys of Liverpool FC Women Star Players

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Female travellers are independent and determined explorers, confident in what they want and tenacious in fulfilling their experiences. They are voyagers who come in all shapes and sizes; unapologetically proving that there’s no one way to be a female traveller.

The women’s team at Liverpool FC are the embodiment of these traits – though all footballers by profession, they’re all travellers in spirit; through each of their careers, they have journeyed across country and continents in pursuit of theirs dream and life-changing experiences, showing the world that girls can do it too.

In celebration of these pioneering ladies, we caught up with four stars at Liverpool FC in time for International Women's Day to discuss the fusion of football and travel throughout their careers, and learn more about the companions who have been with them all the way as they’ve navigated the globe and world of women’s sport.

In the first of our series, we interview Amalie Thestrup, striker for Liverpool FC Women’s team, to uncover the Copenhagen native’s odyssey from Denmark, to the US, to Italy before making Liverpool her new home.

Next in line is spiritual scouser, Rylee Foster. Born in Canada, we learn all about her incredible adventure from Ontario back to her ancestral roots. She shares with us her ‘homecoming’, and what ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ has truly meant to and her support system. 

We also have traveller’s tales from Defender, Meikayla Moore, who joined the Liverpool family in 2020, all the way from New Zealand following two seasons playing in Germany’s Bundesliga with FC Köln. And finally, we speak to the team’s homegrown talent, Missy Bo Kearns, to uncover the city’s top spots, and the impact of what being born and bred in the legendary football city has had on her realising her dreams to play for the team she grew up supporting.


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